This facade system is a coating system of the building walls which leaves a ventilated chamber between the coating and the insulation. It is considered as the most efficient system for resolving the building’s insulation, eliminating the unwanted thermal bridges as well as the condensation problems and so achieving an excellent thermal-hydrometric behavior of the building.

Ventilated façades are an outdoor cladding building solution that can be applied to both new build and refurbished buildings.

  It is of special interest for a number of reasons such as:

  •     Improved thermal insulation
  •     Improved acoustic insulation (10-20% noise reduction)
  •     Improves the façades’ continuous finish
  •     Faster to install (25-35m2/day average)

Ventilated façades allow for the circulation of air between the supporting wall and the cladding material. In this manner, the supporting wall is protected from both the cold and heat resulting in energy savings (25-30%).

Pedraval has a wide range of natural stones for cladding facades.

  • Slate negra país

Our flagship product.

Its color and texture makes this slate unique and inimitable.

We can easily suit any architectural design by making custom made products.

  •  Slate ébano

This is a velvety textured slate that combines perfectly with light colors and provides a modern finish to the building.

  • Slate gris marengo

Its greenish-grey color and velvety texture enables the creation of attractive and equilibrated spaces.

  • Slate tucán

Its powerful and bold colors provides the building with a strong personality.

  • Sandstone Badí

Combines the resistance of natural stone with a grain of wood providing the edification with a comfortable warm and cosy style.


  • Ventilated facades with a profiling system:

The anchoring is fixed to the structural elements of the building. 

  • Ventilated facades with a direct anchorage system to the vertical closing:

The product is cladded to a bearing wall.

Pedraval offers the widest range of surfaces made of stone from all around the world for covering any external facade. You can enjoy an unlimited collection of finishes, structures, surfaces and colors that guarantees aesthetic quality and performance that perfectly meets the needs of contemporary architectural design.