This is a one of a kind sandstone from Brasil.

For years, morisca has been a referent in Spain as a natural stone mainly used for wall cladding.

It has been used in emblematic buildings such as Castellana Norte business center in Madrid or the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social in Salamanca.

It is easy to identify thank to its unique ochre color shades providing the building with an extraordinary personality


This stone is extracted in open air mining quarries in the northwest of Brazil. With 15.000 m2 surface, this mine site is one of the basic economic engines of the region.


These panels can be placed both vertically (to separate different ambiences in a garden) and horizontally for flooring use.

Sizes available:

220x50x3-5 cm

200x50x3-5 cm

150x50x3-5 cm

100x50x3-5 cm

100x100x3-5 cm

90x90x3-5 cm

80×80-3,5 cm

This product offers a wide range of different color tones (shades of ochre, golden and yellow) in the same panel.


The pre-assembled slabs mesure 60x30x1,5-2,5 cm and they are suitable both for interior and exterior use. Panels are manufactured in a Z shape so that its placement is easy and quick (25m2/day average).