We often pay all attention to interior design without taking into consideration landscaping in our gardens. Slate has increasingly taken the leading role in garden landscaping due to its texture, color and properties. This material used to be used mainly for roofing but innovation in the last years has made it possible that nowadays we can have the opportunity of enjoying this natural stone in many ways in our gardens.

As a result of this innovations we have developed new products made of slate with LED lighting.

A special light can visibly change any space and provide it with a different and out of the ordinary touch; if slate is a part of this equation we will for sure have a modern and stylish result.

Is it possible to include slate as a natural element that enlightens your garden? To get this and give this special touch to your garden we offer you two different solutions:

  •  Monolith
  •  Decorative garden light ground spike

Both products are made of natural stone with a perfectly integrated 12v led light with a beam that reaches 120º.

Monolith is generally used for decorating purposes all sides are natural finished except for its based that is perfectly sawn. This natural slate confers the space with a relaxing and unique sensation thank to its appearance and natural touch.

The decorative garden light ground spikes are generally used to divide spaces, fence paths or as enclosure elements providing the space with a modern touch full of personality.

Elegance and modern functionality go hand in hand

Every piece is unique, distinctive and capable of adapting to any style of decoration. Both solutions have a natural finish that needs no maintenance making them the perfect option to give your space an elegant, distinguished and delicate touch.